Wireless Networking


Wireless networking is the main stream for enterprise IT investment nowadays and the demand will rise higher due to the trend of mobile devices and remote offices. Rafa Technology is the professional in wireless networking and can deliver the one-stop-service for wireless networking projects to you.

With our deep knowledge and experience in wireless networking and wireless security, Rafa Technology can support you from understanding your requirements, designing the right solution, deploying the wireless systems, training your team and providing maintenance and support services.



Total Security

Information security is a must in business today and Rafa Technology thoroughly understands the demands of business. With years of experience in deploying security systems, Rafa Technology has knowledge in wide-range of enterprise security technology and able to working with your team to find the right solution for you. The security technology includes next generation firewall (NGFW), virtual private network (VPN), secure web gateway, anti-virus, intrusion prevention system (IPS), network accesss control (NAC), virtualization security, audit, compliance and time synchronization appliance.


Data Center

Data center virtualization is now becoming the best practice of data center designing. Get more benefits from your existing and new x86 servers, SAN storages or converged architecture hardware using the virtualization software to create your own software defined data center (SDDC) to provide the manageability and redundancy for all applications running on your servers without compromising applications performance. Saving your data center energy cost in the long term and protect your business from any harmful activities and disasters with virtualization.

Desktop and Application Virtualization


Desktop and application virtualization are the next generation of end user computing. By leveraging the accessibility, security and manageability of all client desktops, the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) delivers the remote desktops with data center-grade security, mobile accessibility and centralized management plus high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) functions.

Desktop and

If you are interested in any of the above solutions or have any solution in your mind,

‘ Rafa Technology is ready to help you choose the best technology for your network environment, design the best solution for you ’

and deliver the successful systems to your company